Finance and Payment Options

If you do not wish to pay the price of the property in full and wish to pay some of it with monthly or quarterly payments, there could be two ways when you buy a property in Turkey.

Our installment system is in two ways:

1-  The company :
For the company’s projects there is a possibility to make a 50% payment without 0% benefit.

2- The bank: 
Mortgage:  Banks provide mortgages over a period of ten years to our customers. The bank can provide up to 50% of the payment  based on the value of the house. Our team will help you to arrange and organize all the paper work.


* Furniture: Our team can also help with buying furniture. Full furniture packages start at $1500 and up. Its depending on taste and choice of our customers.

*Guarentee: Our company can provide a home invesment and a rent guarantee. We can give a rent guarantee annually or monthly. To have a property in Turkey is very easy and simpel.

*Tax: There is no extra tax when you buy a home in Turkey.

IQ will provide you with this information. This is an easy way to finance the property in Turkey.

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