Special Services

You can see our services for the ones who want to buy houses or establishing a company in Turkey below.

Main services:

  1. Hotel booking
  2. Meeting our customers at the airport and placing them to their hotels
  3. Introducing the touristic places and important centers of the city to you
  4. By  accompanying you during your trip, introducing the convenient houses and projects for you in order to make you buy the house in your dream
  5. Operations of buying residence behalf of you or lengthening your existing residence
  6. Making the real estate operations of the house which you will buy or the configuration operations of the company which you will establish and all the operations in state agency in behalf of you.

Services after sale:

  1. After you buy your residence, making you buy a car or making the operations of your children’s registration to school
  2. Renting the house which you bought if you want
  3. After a while, selling your house if you want to sell

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You can contact us with your questions or comments.

  • Atatürk Caddesi 96/4 07400 Alanya Turkey
  • +90 532 749 7615
  • info@iqgrup.com

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